Random Thoughts

Mother and Hallowe'en

... Humorous stories about my mother.

by Marion Celani Gianino

When we first moved to Melrose, we had never heard of "Trick or Treat" at Hallowe'en. We three children never knew of it when we lived in Malden.

In 1939, our first year in our new home, the front doorbell rang on October 31st. Mother went to answer the doorbell, looked out, saw no one, and closed the door again.

"That's funny," she said. "No one was there." A moment later the doorbell rang again. This time Mother looked down, and there was a little tyke in a black costume carrying a basket who said: "Twick or Tweet."

Mother said: "What?"  The child repeated his request but Mother was baffled as we all were. Not knowing what to make of the little child's request, she shut the door!

We later learned about this new practise and had a good laugh over it!

November 4, 2005

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