Canine capers by Casa: Chapter 1

... my new life has begun

by Casa

... this is dog talk, dictated to one of my parents

My name is Casa and I am a four-year old Jack Russell Terrier (with a bit of chihuahua). I was born somewhere in Puerto Rico. I do not know how many siblings I have but I do remember my owner being a cruel man. He very often hit me when I tried to get close to him, or if I was forced to bark because of other dogs in the area.

I was lucky enough to be taken by a member of the humane society and brought to a shelter in Puerto Rico. I was cleaned up, given food and all the necessary shots and I was even spayed. My next recollection was being put on an airplane with some of my siblings and other dogs my size. I weighed then, and still do, 12 pounds.

We all arrived in a shelter in Salem, Massachusetts on a lovely October evening.  We were put into large outdoor pens and we were fed delicious food. The following morning many people came to look at us frolicking as we never had before. Two ladies kept their eye on me but chose a much quieter friend of mine. They took her out for a walk but after a few minutes they all came back. I was chosen next and we went into the outside grassy area to get acquainted. We walked around and I jumped as high as I could to impress the ladies. I did not bark, but I licked their hands and let them pat me. I even let them scratch behind my ears. I thought we were bonding and I was right.

We went back to the shelter but not to the pens. They had to answer questions about how they would care for me, and they had to sign papers of adoption as well as leave a donation. Imagine, one day out of the sad life I had been leading in Puerto Rico and now I was being adopted in the United States.

We all got into a lovely car and I was being held on the lap of one of the ladies as the other drove towards a place called Melrose. I did not understand their conversation but it sounded like “Mi Casa, su Casa.” Probably the only Spanish they knew, so that was the name they decided upon. “ My home is your home”, and I was finally going to a real home, to be part of their home. click here

I am now four years old and I have many tales to tell you over the next few months. My first snowfall both here and in Maine was exciting. One of my parents owns a home on a lake in Maine. It is lovely and I can run and play in the lake and have lots of fun there. Here in Melrose I have a wonderful yard to play in, where I can chase the squirrels and watch the birds.

I hope you will find time and pleasure in reading about my life here in Melrose, and if you have a dog perhaps you can read my articles to your pet.

Let me know if you are interested in my story. I look forward to hearing from you.

Hasta luego (so long).
Veale el mes proximo (See you next month).

December 2, 2005

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