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Silver Legislature Report - November 17, 2005

... Anne MacGillivray honored by state legislature

from Anne MacGillivray

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Anne and Senator Teisi
The Silver Legislature held its regular monthly meeting in the Senate reading room of the State House on Tuesday, November 15. It was an eventful meeting especially for Silver Legislature House Speaker, Anne MacGillivray who chose to step down as Silver Legislature House Speaker after seven years of service on the Executive Board. Highlighting the meeting was a visit from State Representative Mike Festa who presented Anne with a citation on behalf of the House of Representatives in recognition of her distinguished service as House Speaker for the Silver Legislature and dedication to advancing the concerns of Melrose Seniors.

Another citation in recognition for her many years of dedicated service to the elderly of the Commonwealth and contributions as the Silver Legislature Speaker of the House was presented to her by Senator Richard Tisei on behalf of the State Senate. A certificate of appreciation for her outstanding achievements and many years of dedicated public service to the Commonwealth's greatest generation and providing quality of life to the elderly of the Commonwealth was presented to her by Silver Legislature president Sally Hoyt on behalf of the Silver Legislative organization.

"I was so overwhelmed with this unexpected honor, I was left speechless", says Anne. "I think one of the greatest lessons I learned while serving as Silver Legislature House Speaker these past seven years and having such close contact with so many of our legislators, is that I learned our Legislators are "not" deaf listeners when it comes to issues concerning seniors. All doors are always opened to all of us all of the time. Time is always available to sit, talk, and listen to our concerns and what we select as priority bills. Nothing is unimportant to them when we call. And calls are always returned in an immediate fashion. The support the State Legislature has given to the Silver Legislature has been paramount regarding the prosperity of the Silver Legislature. To have had the opportunity of serving as Silver Legislature House Speaker has been not only an honor, but a most rewarding experience. However, my work as Silver Legislature Representative for Melrose and precincts 3, 4, 5, and 6 Wakefield will continue for another two year term.

The November meeting covered issues regarding priority bills being presented to the Legislature. Literature explaining the various bills was distributed to the attendees. Silver Legislature president pro-tem Sabina Stenberg addressed the ever increasing rise in diabetes, not only among the young, but the senior population as well, as a result of seniors living longer. Her long range view is one where she feels that Senior Centers should begin looking to offer an option of a diabetic menu at their meal sites for those who frequently eat their main meal there. Although it may only be in its pregnancy today, there will be an influx of diabetic seniors surfacing down the road, before too long, and she feels Senior Centers should be ready to accommodate them. She also wanted to remind seniors who are visually impaired that the challenge of trying to read fine print on prescription drug containers can be eliminated by just requesting your physician to make a note on the prescription order to the pharmacist to use large print. The Silver Legislature continues to grow as a result of the enthusiasm of the Executive Board members, the elected Silver Legislature Representatives and Senators and its advocacy members which number 400. Anyone who is part of the Silver Legislature in any capacity plays an integral part when it comes to senior issues. If you have not yet become a member and so desire to, please contact President Sally Hoyt, at (781) 944-1191 or Silver Legislature Representative Anne MacGillivray at (781) 662-7956.

The Executive Board for the next two year term will be President Sally Hoyt, President pro-tem Sabina Stenberg, and Treasurer Ron Ordway as a result of being voted in unanimously for another two year term. Antoinette LoConte will be replacing Anne MacGillivray as House Speaker, Pat Hassell as secretary and Anna Dixon as Chief of Staff. Anne MacGillivray accepted the appointment to serve as Speaker pro-tem.

The Silver Legislature will be continuing their work through the winter months and will return to the State House for their regular monthly meetings in March.

Anne MacGillivray
Silver Legislature Representative for Melrose and
precincts 3, 4, 5, and 6 Wakefield.
49 Melrose St., Apt. 1c
Melrose, MA 02176
Tel: (781) 662-7956

Dercember 2, 2005

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