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War on Christmas

... partaking in this ridiculous, stupid war

by Anne MacGillivray

Melrose should abort their partaking in this ridiculous, stupid war on Christmas and detour away from the movement of hate that has finally moved up the ladder of priority issues in our country. We could take a lesson just by driving through the city of Woburn and see the beautiful massive creche sitting right in the middle of Woburn Center. Woburn did not dignify any negative responses to their choice of religious symbols being displayed in their city. If it were put on a ballot for us to vote for religious displays in our community, we would come up with a ninety-nine and forty-four one hundred percent positive vote. We are a people of love, here in Melrose. We move mountains to help each other; not to hurt one another. And the majority should rule.

If one is afraid of people of faith, chooses not to believe in any Supreme Being, does not want to see or hear any references of God, and is willing to reap the results of that decision, that is their right. However, maybe the time has come for them to start giving some thought to who is in charge of and controls the "solar" system and start "living" like there "is" one --- just in case. Let us not forget there is a "dead" line.

Would you, who as an individual personally support the ban in our city and the war against God, stand up and be counted so Melrose can know just who "they" are who have placed the telephone calls and put this problem in the lap of the Council on Aging?

December 2, 2005

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