Yikes! Dust mites
on my keyboard!

by Stringer Don Norris

Yikes! What's all that oogy dust doing on my Enter key? I just wanted to see what my little Nikon 5700 could do in close-up mode, and I shot what was in front of me. Actually I put the camera in Aperture mode, closed it down to get the greatest depth of field, and shot the keyboard of my old computer -- which I only use for games now. The resulting photo is actually much sharper than this, for I lost considerable clarity in reducing the size of the file -- so it would download faster. Is all this technical talk okay? Am I permitted to write about such stuff? The editors get stuffy about apertures and resolutions. But aside, I prefer that two-year old 5700 to the brand new Nikon D70, and I get better pictures, too.

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