The pictures worth a thousand words

... counting noses, identifying faces:

from the SilverStringers themselves

The SilverStringers, publishers of the internet publication, "The Melrose Mirror", come from all walks of life and are, for the most part, amateur journalists. Those pictured here are the current crop, although there have been, in the past ten years, an equal number who developed this hometown rag.

Left to right, top to bottom:

Top Row (charter members, carrying on): Veteran journalist/artist Russ Priestley, editor and writer; Jackie Wattenberg, our key review-writer and activist; Jim Driscoll, editor, administrator, writer; Kay McCarte, editor, writer, secretary (our sole designated officer); Natalie Thomson, writer and photographer; Don Norris, retired journalist -- editor, writer, photographer, artist and administrator.

Second Row: John Averell, scholar, administrator, writer, editor; Shirley Rabb, writer, photographer, innovator; Irving Smolens, writer on World War II and social activist; Ella Letterie, editor, writer, photographer; Jack Driscoll, former managing editor of the Boston Globe, advisor from MIT; Louise Fennell, editor, head of the photographic team.

Third Row: Carol Nelson, writer, philosopher; Steve Johnson, Stringer in Phoenix, Arizona, writer; Margery Carter, writer; Bob Ross, technician, writer; Phyllis Fewtrell, writer; Jerry Norton, Stringer in Kent, Washington, writer,

Fourth Row: Marion Gianini, writer; John Cerretani, writer; Marianna Cerretani, writer; Marie Salamanca, writer; Frank Callahan, writer; Roseanne Greene, writer, organizer.

Fifth Row: Ann Talbot, writer; Jack Beckley, executive director of the Melrose Council on Aging, writer, photographer; Eleanor Jenkins (and grandson), Stringer for the Philadelphia area; Len Dalton, charter member and still writing; Samuel Leech-Chandler, writer; and Ed Boyd, teacher, writer.

December 2, 2005

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