Photo comparison: A mere thirty days

by Stringer Don Norris

What a difference a mere thirty days can make. The top picture was taken on the sunny afternoon of November 2, with the sun backlighting the oaks and hickories in our back yard.

Then suddenly on Dec 4, a sneaky snow storm hit New England, leaving some two or three inches in Melrose. No big deal, except it wakes us up -- after a particularly lingering, warm, sunny fall -- to the fact that winter has arrived.

The winter does provide us with a really lovely view of the Melrose valley -- a horseshoe-shaped valley opening to the south -- when the leaves fall. Then we can see Boston downtown as well as the historic towns of Cambridge, Revere and Winthrop.

Our dramatic elevation of 230 feet (to the top of the house) also gives a view of Boston Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean, which is only some five miles to the east.

An oddity: If the floors of skyscrapers are ten feet high, then our perch on the highlands ridge is equal to being on the 22nd floor. Within a 20-minute ride on the "T", we can be in Harvard Square, or visit MIT, Tufts, Simmons, Boston University, Emerson College, The Mother Church, Old North Church, the financial district, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Science.

Does it sound like I am bragging? You bet. Boston is a great town.

January 6, 2006

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