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Another section in this continuing series.

Last month I told you about some of my exercise routines. This could only lead to my resting and relaxing time so let me tell you about it.

When I spent the first year of my life in Puerto Rico I slept only on the floor of my owner’s home or in the dirt on the street in front of the house. In this country I can sleep almost anywhere in my parents' home. I have discussed this with my friends in the schoolyard and they tell me that they also have this great privilege in their homes.

When I first came to this home in Melrose it was suggested to my new parents to get a large cage for me to sleep in. This did have a nice soft blanket-like floor but it also had four wired walls and a door that closed me in. They went to bed upstairs and I was alone and scared so I cried, and cried until they came down, unlatched the door and took me upstairs. The cage stood by the window that looked out to the back yard but I would not go into it and they did not force me. After about a week the cage disappeared and a lovely bed with blankets took its place. This is my main sleeping place now, but there is more.

There is a futon in the den and I find that this is also a wonderful place to get a few winks. I can have the entire couch just stretching out on the colorful afghan, or on the pillows that have been piled up for my comfort. By sitting on the pillows I can view the back yard with its birds and squirrels.

To get a better sighting of the back yard I rest myself on the hot tub cover. You will notice that my parents had a rug made for me in my image and it is very comfortable.  They have put a soft, fluffy pillow there for me also. Up this close to the windows I can see the Koi in the outside pond as they swim back and forth. This is one of my favorite places since it is always so comfortable and warm.

Another spot that I like to relax in is on the sofa in the living room. This is by one of my sitting windows. That is, I very often sit on the top of the sofa and look out at the people and cars passing by. When one of my parents decides she needs a nap, I love to join her by snuggling up behind her knees.

This does not end my places of relaxation because I have space in Maine also. As previously mentioned one of my parents has a home very close to a lake in the great state of Maine. Besides sleeping in the big bed in the evening, I spend my naptime on the sofa bed in the living room. I generally get covered up with the afghan and I can feel the warmth of the fireplace from the other side of the room. The snow may be falling outdoors but this is a wonderful resting place, since I am always contented and cozy here.

Let me know what comfort spots your pets might have. I would really like to hear from you.

Hasta luego ( so long)
Veale el mes proximo (See you next month)

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February 3, 2006

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