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Computer Tips 02/06
... Customize your Start button + Fix your mistake

... two time savers

From Bob Ross

Customize your Start button
If you're a Windows XP user, you're no doubt quite familiar with the Start button (lower left corner of your screen). This is a handy little tool, providing quick access to recently opened documents, frequently used programs, your computer's Control Panel, and other useful functions. But did you know you can customize the Start button?

Simply right click on the Start button and choose Properties. Then click Customize.

You'll see options to change the size of the Start button icons as well as to adjust the number of frequently used programs displayed (the default is six).

If you want access to your favorite Internet Explorer web sites, check the Internet box within the "Show on Start Menu" section. Now you'll be able to directly click to these web sites from the Start menu!

Click the Advanced tab on top and you can further customize which types of things are displayed. Make sure to check the "List my most recently opened documents" box near the bottom of this screen if you want quick access to files you've been working on. This can save quite a bit of time when you need to return to something after an interruption.

As with most aspects of your computer, there is a great deal of room for customization. Don't be shy about rolling up your sleeves and making the experience exactly as you'd like it to be!

Fix Your Mistake
Control  + Z.
You've probably noticed that many computer programs offer an "Undo" function. This handy procedure allows you to undo your last few actions within a given program.

For example, if you're working in Microsoft Word and decide that the paragraph you've just deleted is something you didn't mean to erase, choosing "Edit" and then "Undo" from the menu bar above will reverse that action. It's very handy, but there's an easier way.

Simply hold down the "Ctrl" key (it's located in the bottom left corner of your keyboard) and (while still holding it), type the letter "z". Your last action will be undone!

And by the way, this little trick works with nearly every Windows-related action you might take!

February 3, 2006

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