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Computer Tips: April 2006
.... The Ctrl Key tricks

... two windows side by side - Minimize open files - Go to My Computer

From Bob Ross

Arrange two windows on your desktop side by side.
Did you know that you can display any two windows side by side on your desktop?
Here's how:
1. Click a window's button on the taskbar
2. Right-click the second window that you want to open while pressing and holding the Ctrl key.
3. In drop-down window, Click Tile Vertically (or Horizontal).
Both windows will appear side by side.

Timesaving Tip - Minimize all your windows fast.
In Windows you press the Window Key+M to quickly minimize all your open windows. The Windows key is on most modern keyboards near the Ctrl key. It has the Windows logo on it. Put your windows back on the screen by pressing Windows - Shift+M. (May not work with all versions).
To select which minimized Window you want to open, Click the Alt key+Tab to let you select which window you want to open

Quick and Easy Access to Explorer (My Computer)
Use the Windows Key to quickly bring up a My Computer Explorer Window to access your files. Simply press Windows-E and Explorer should pop right up. The Windows key is on most modern keyboards next to the Ctrl key.

April 7, 2006

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