The first snow -- a pristine blanket of white

... A December storm coats New England in beauty

Photos by Stringer Shirley Rabb

Once December arrives, it's only a matter of time before we New Englanders have to break out the mittens and down coats -- and the show shovels.

But that first blanket of snow creates a beauty such as you've never seen before. When the sun comes out again, the world is pure white with vivid blue shadows. It seems the noise of the city fades away, and there is a peace that effects even the most contrary.

SilverStringer Shirley Rabb, her housemate Donna Campbell and their small dog Casa all ventured out on that pristine morning, wandering through our city streets until they came to the neighboring Breakheart Reservation.

And so the Stringers present yet another view of Melrose. We need no further words to describe the beauty Shirley captured.

January 6, 2006

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