Random Thoughts

The Christmas that almost wasn't

... after a long summer

by John Averell

It was a long, hot summer, leading into an even more stressful fall. We bought our house high and sold low, choosing the move on the cusp of a seller-to-buyer's market. Christmas (and in our case Hannukah as well) was the last thing on our minds. We bought the "new" house on August 31 but were unable to sell our "old" one until December 15, after several disappointing offers that fell through. In the meantime we ferried as many small items as possible the twelve miles from Wakefield to Arlington until our move on December 13.

Christmas week came with unpacking, placing furniture, pictures, books, and all the "stuff" that goes directly into storage. Finally we declared victory and made reservations at Stage Neck Inn, York Harbor, Maine to relax and celebrate a well-earned rest from what has to be the most stressful year of our lives. Here we are eating too much, but enjoying it more, ready for the next phase of life in Arlington.

January 6, 2006

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