Random Thoughts

We agreed, get small stuff ...

... the cost of Christmas was out of sight

from Don Norris, SilverStringer

Lorry and I are grandparents, our kids at fifty-ish, our grandkids are old enough to shop for themselves. As Christmas drew nigh, we all simultaneously concluded that big spending just doesn't do it anymore.

We agreed, get small stuff. It's called "Cost Control".

A week before Christmas we went shopping. We were in REI (a sophisticated sporting goods store) when I spotted a really nifty computer program called "Back Roads Explorer in 3D". It only costs fifty bucks, and it gives me detailed topographic maps of all 50 states. Really nice, and I needed it.

Next we were in Linens and Things, and Lorry spotted something she had to have. It was under a hundred, and she talked herself into it. Who was I to criticize.

By this time we had worked up a huge hunger, so we went to Billy's for one of their delicious fish sandwiches. And we stopped by the drugstore for prescription happypills -- medicines that make the aging process easier to take.

By the time we got home four hours later, we had spent well over two hundred on Us, and $62 on the kids.

January 6, 2006

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