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Holidays: You can't go back ...

... Are times really changing?

Thoughts from Stringer Shirley Rabb

During most of my working years I was in the business of retail. As a buyer Christmas started in early August. It was necessary to buy merchandise for the holiday season to assure delivery by Thanksgiving.

I remember the stores and the malls getting ready just before Turkey day. The decorations went up in all the stores and the mall Christmas tree started its accent to towards the second floor. Santa and his elves were ready for the long lines of children that wanted their picture taken with the jolly old man. The carols were heard in the background and it seemed that everyone was smiling and happy.

This year I wanted to relive that feeling so I went to the local mall. The Christmas decorations had been up since Halloween and the music was missing. There were no crowds in the stores and the line for Santa was very short. I have been told many people were buying their gifts on-line, and some of the people in the mall were obviously buying on their cell phones. I could hear people telling their phone companions that they did or did not get what they came for.

It just wasn’t what I remember of the holiday rush. I missed the smiling faces and the excitement of adults and children alike. I missed the soft sound of the carols over the voices of the happy shoppers. It just was not the same. I have heard it said that whatever the occasion, you just cannot go back. I am finding that now I am older perhaps that is right but I miss those times.

January 6, 2006

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