Random Thoughts

I'm not a Republican

Margery Carter

Now that last summer is over and I'm over Christmas, why onward and upward for snow. But I must write my Christmas thank you notes. I'm loaded down with the new first class stamps that have gone up two cents each that everyone is mad about. Not me! I'm cheerful!

I was invited to the White House in Washington, of course, the oval office, because I'm such a good Republican. Well, I told the caller I'm an Independent and I wish I would not keep getting calls to thank me for the checks I've sent them, plus letters also thanking me. I informed them they better look me up as I've never sent any checks or letters. Yes, I have sent letters that I'm not a Republican. Do you think there is another Margery Carter?!! There was a silence on my phone.

I did go down to City Hall to look up how they have me listed. I'm listed as an Independent. They said they would write another letter to tell them to remove me from being a Republican.

Now I'm looking forward to Spring and going on with my memoirs.

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