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Now hear this

... language transgression

by Jerry Norton

Your writer has lately become more aware of a very disturbing trend by those of you who would bend good usage of the English language to your own purposes. I allude to you people out there in cyberspace who seem to be intent on turning a trade name into a verb, i.e. stating that you "Googled" for your information.

How in the name of Noah Webster is it possible to substitute this word for what you really mean, namely that you did a search on your computer? You further corrupt the language when you turn this funny word into a noun, {I know, it's already a noun but still not a good substitute} as in "I did a Google." Shame on you who would flout good English while you shamelessly flaunt the name of your search engine! Many computer users subscribe to other servers, but are you aware of any of us "doing an MSN or an AOL?" I, for one, would not be averse to calling down the grammar police on you commercial name droppers. Enough already!

Besides, the only entity I know who would be worthy of this free advertising never even owned a computer and has long since gone to his reward....I refer to Google; first name, Barney.

March 3, 2006

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