Letters to ...

Diamond in the gruff

... sizing up the SilverStringers ...

from Eleanor Jenkins

Editor's note: Eleanor Jenkins has been writing for the Mirror for about a year now, and we finally got her to sign on as a SilverStringer. A retired teacher and grandmother of a Melrose youngster, she has the unofficial title of "foreign correspondent for Philadelphia". Her latest note follows:

I am always amazed on receipt of another email relating to the Melrose Mirror. The people who “accidentally” or otherwise find it and respond is amazing.

All of the responses and finding the common element in all of them is astounding. I read all of them and sit here in awe of what has happened because a few people in a small town in Massachusetts were interested in doing something a little different than sitting around playing pinochle all day.

You have touched so many lives all over the continent.

What a gem you are.

Eleanor Jenkins

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