Readers' showcase, a photo essay

... not exactly soup to nuts, but close

from our Mirror reflections

The ink was hardly dry on our March issue and Len Dalton had submitted this photo for the April issue. It is a colorful rendition of Pond Number Three at Mount Hood Municipal Golf Course, taken during one of Len's early morning walks.

Close behind was Grandpa John Averell, who submitted two flicks of four of his eleven grandchildren. They are Gabe Selig of Cambridge, and Samantha, Alicia, and Jessica Buntman of Monrovia, MD. John is the technical whiz for the SilverStringers.  

Another row of grandchildren, all celebrating "Cat-in-the-Hat" time at Grandpa Jim Driscoll's place in Melrose.

Barbara Leedham of Melrose, whose thoughts have appeared in several issues of the Mirror, sent in two pictures taken in China. At the left is a toy Chinadoll (we think), and at the right is Barbara on a local taxi.

On the right are Melrosians Shirley Rabb and Donna Campbell, clowning it up during a recent vacation at Peggy's Cove on Prince Edward Island. On the left is the up-dated version, with Natalie Thomson pushing and Shirley nursing an injured ankle -- at the Boston Flower Show.

The Mirror's Foreign Correspondent for Philadelphia Eleanor Jenkins (in blue) and daughter Karen Hall (of Melrose) attended the annual flower show in the City of Brotherly Love recently. And while trying to get another flick at a sign listing former attendees -- including former First Lady Barbara Bush -- they were politely hustled out of the way by the secret service so that the real Barbara Bush could see her name in lights. Everything ended happily, Eleanor reports, and the show was a success. Oh yes, also attending was Karen's sister Elaine -- who is not from Melrose.

This portrait was submitted by that rowdy gunslinger Don Norris, pictured with his current girlfriend (and wife) Lorry. It happened in Durango, Colorado when these two desperados were hiding out from a posse. The time was 1877 -- no, it was actually 1977. Only thirty years ago.

And last (for this month), Stringer Natalie Thomson provided this flag pix, and believes it was taken in Carlisle, Massachusetts. She also suggests that readers take a stab at naming the picture. The editor's suggestion: "Our land, our home, our flag".

And, Readers, if you have a favorite photo, email us for a new picture essay in the next issue. It can be a scene or of relatives or friends -- just be sure you get permission from those pictured. Send your photos to the MelroseMirror@media.mit.edu

April 7, 2006

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