Ancient history: Red Raiders, 1948

from local archives

The spirit was there but the Melrose Red Raiders of 1948 did not have a good season, finishing something like one and seven. Top row, left to right, are right end Don Norris (a SilverStringer), right tackle Art Wells, right guard Bob Young, center Dave Tarr, left guard Paul Robbins, left tackle and class salutatorian Dick Lindstrom, and left end Chuck Pulsford. Center row, left halfback Renzo Lucci, right halfback Winnie Rice, quarterback Don Patterson, fullback John Stiles, and halfback Johnny Clark. Bottom row, coach Hap McFarland, coach Bryce Walton, head coach Dave Gavin, coach Foster Flint, tackle Grant Gray, left tackle Bill Russo, end Bruce Willis, and halfback Tommy Ray. The drawing, by Joe Stern, first appeared in the Boston Herald on Tuesday, September 21, 1948.

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