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...Close to home older friends

by Casa

Another section in this continuing series.

In this article I would like to tell you about a few of my close friends.  As previously mentioned I do get to meet many dogs on my walks at Breakheart and in my own neighborhood.  These dogs are my pals, that I see almost every day.  We chat and smell and try to behave for our human parents.

One of my friends is Duke. He is nine years old and mostly an in-house dog.  His parent, Eleanor works all day so Duke has the run of, and the important job of keeping the house safe. Duke is an eighty six-pound Lab/Dalmatian and he has been with Eleanor for eight and a half years. Eleanor got Duke at the MSPCA in Methuen, Ma. and she says it is the best $25.00 she has ever spent.  We have adjoining yards so when he is outdoors on his long lead we can bark and roll around a bit. I think he wonders about my ability to jump the wall and leap into the air as I often do.


You can see that Eleanor gives us both her attention as we play up to her kindness.  Nine years old is kind of old by my standards. I canít imagine how I will make it to that age.  But I guess people feel the same way about their seniors. I can learn some things about being a bit more laid back from Duke. I do enjoy his company even if he is older and bigger than I am.

And then there is Lu Lu.  She is a beautiful Pug and a definite lady.  We usually meet when she gets her early walk with her parent Maureen. (Click here to see more on this walk.)  Now Lu Lu has class that I do not possess. She walks with an air of elegance and I just run and bounce about, but we are friends. Lu Lu is nine years old and I think she tolerates my ways because she knows that I really like her. Although she is about 22 pounds, 10 pounds more than me, she carries it well. Sometimes two females find it hard to get along but we seem to do o.k. She has been with her parents since she was 8 weeks old when Maureenís husband got Lu Lu from a local breeder. I am very proud to have such a high-class lady in my neighborhood and as my pal.

Next month I will introduce you to two of my new neighbors.  I think you will like them also.

Hasta luego (so long)
Veale el mes proximo ( see you next month)

May 5, 2006

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