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A Visit to our Representative

... War.. what is it good for?

by Carol Nelson

Jackie Wattenberg, writer, teacher, Arts Critic and member of the SilverStringers
for many years appears above with Joe Dalton (L) and Joe Turner (R) at a
meeting in Rep. Edward J. Markey's office for district 7, in Medford. In March a few
of us Melrosians went to speak to him about our political concerns. There were

Representative Markey was not available to speak to us but Joe Dalton, District
Director, sat with us listening to our thoughts and worries.

Joe Turner, consultant and peace activist, said: "The Iraq War does not remove
threat to our nation, preserve national security, or protect our economical and
political interests nor does it support freedom, justice and liberty." "Instead," he
said "we are creating a war mentality, disabling and destroying whole
generations, causing loss of civil liberty, destroying trust in government, and
wasting funds that could be used to fight poverty or keep our infrastructure

Ms. Wattenberg brought up the facts that "we have waged eight needless
pre-emptive wars since WW II, there have been 62,000 deaths of innocent Iraqi
people since our occupation, more than 2,400 Americans are dead, over 16,000
of our young men and women wounded." She also said that "our country uses
depleted uranium (a waste product from nuclear power plants) as a weapon,
causing deformities in not only Iraqi babies, but in our own Veteren's babies."

There is no consequence for any of these actions. We agreed, there should be a
law against war.

May 05/06

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