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Wandering toolbar, Word not-so-perfect

from the Stringer mailbox

From: Pat Stoughton
To: melrose@media.mit.edu
Sent: Thursday, April 13, 2006
Subject: Two Tough Problems -- Help!

I teach grades 1-8 and two things happened that are baffling me:

1. The horizontal Start toolbar has "suddenly" popped over to the right side vertically. Of course, no one knows how it happened. How can it be brought back?

2. One of the students saved his file in WORD. For some reason, it cannot be removed from WORD. We have tried deleting file on both the WORD save file listing and the Windows Explorer listing. Every time the WORD program is opened, this file just pops up. Do you know how we can delete it?



... and Stringer John Averell's solution ...


I'll take a shot at both problems.

1. This "toolbar flipping" has happened to me before also. All you need to do is put your mouse cursor at the upper end of the vertical bar, hold down the mouse left button, and drag the end around to a horizontal position along the bottom edge.

It should flip back and stay there.

Sometimes you will find that the width of the bar has doubled. You can put your cursor along the edge until a two-headed arrow appears. Then drag the edge down to make the bar thinner. It will snap into the new width. Also can reverse the process to make a thick toolbar if you prefer.

2. Word can really drive you crazy sometimes. There is a generic fix when crazy things happen.

You have to find all instances of files on your PC named: "normal.dot". You can do a search with windows explorer on your whole drive to do this. Then just DELETE EVERY INSTANCE OF THIS FILE!

Word will automatically remake the file from scratch when you run it again. I know this seems extreme, but this is a well-known problem, and it is safe to do it. After that, you may be able to reopen Word without this happening.

(I personally spent two days trying to fix Word several years ago until a friend told me about this fix.)

Let us know if this works.

John Averell

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