Canine capers by Casa - June, 2006

... new to the neighborhood

by Casa

Rufus is new to the neighborhood. He just moved across the street from my home, so we get to see each other through the windows even when one of us is indoors. I am a proud Jack Russell terrier and Rufus is a Cairn Terrier. We must be related somewhere along the line although I have short hair, Rufus has a fluffy, soft, wheaten color coat. His eyes are usually covered by fur and his ears are up straight when he is pondering a situation.

He is getting used to the area as his parent Dennis walks him every day. Some days after school his younger parent Samantha gets the job. When he comes on my property we play in the walkway and usually get the mulch all over the place. He is only two years old, almost three years younger than I am, so I have to be careful not to hurt him when we tousle. His parents got him at Woof’s, a very nice pet store in the Square One Mall, in Saugus, Massachusetts. I really like him being here, and I hope we have many fun years together as neighbors.

Another new member to the area is Bacci. He is only a year and a half old but so cute. Bacci is a poodle mix and his owner Nancy says he is a dear. You can see how friendly he is, and still so young. Nancy got Bacci from a breeder in Marlboro, Massachusetts when he was about a year old. He was named Bacci, which means, “kiss” in Italian. He is definitely a lapping dog. He weighs about 13 pounds, and I hear Nancy tell my parents that he loves to be chased around the house.

I first met Bacci when the snow was on the ground and we got along very quickly. The usual sniffing and smelling went on but no barking or confrontation. Bacci has two young men that walk him during the week, and from what I see from my window he is certainly well-behaved with them also.

On the weekends Nancy usually has the leash as she walks Bacci past my house. My parents get me into my harness and leash so I can go out to play with him in the front yard. We talk a little with low growls and just check out the area. He is pure white and always clean as can be. By the way I am also very clean but it just is harder to see with my coloring.

Bacci has become a good front yard, weekend friend and I look forward to his growing up in this area.

Won’t you E-mail me and tell me about some of your close to home pet pals?

Hasta luego (so long)
Veale el mes proximo ( see you next month)

June 2,2006

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