Letters to ...

Mirror admirer from Medway

from Nancy Doherty

Good Morning. . . .A dear friend of mine, Jim Driscoll, has introduced me to the Melrose Mirror and I am in awe of your dedication and close friendships to bring this paper and all its events to life. I met Jim's wife at college and Barbara and I just seemed to bond. She was my maid of honor, worked together at the Lahey Clinic and met for club meetings over all these years.   

Jim has been nice enough to continue our friendship via email and I love reminiscing about the "golden, olden days" with him. So proud he was voted Citizen of the Year. Such a deserving award. Love all the articles in the Mirror. Please keep up the good work. Thank you from an "outsider from Medway".    

Nancy Doherty

May 5, 2006

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