Canine capers by Casa-July 2006

... having fun playing around

by Casa

Have I told you about my toys? As I check back on all that I have written it seems I forgotten to tell you how much fun I have at home.

There is a puppy, a black bear and a soft cloth filled ball. I have a snoopy and a baby bear and my favorite is the shoe. I always have bones available for chewing some plastic and some very real.

The puppy is the largest of my playthings and it is old. My parents got ‘puppy’ for me a few years ago at a Christmas party raffle. I know exactly what they mean when they ask, “Where is the puppy”?

Snoopy came in an Easter basket with lots of treats. Little bear and black bear appeared one day after we were riding around checking out yard sales. And I think the soft ball was purchased at another yard sale trip.

I can catch most of the toys on the fly by leaping in the air as I often do. The puppy, bears and snoopy get held in my teeth and I just shake the begebbers out of them before returning them to my parent. I always return my toys so that I can get another chance at the chase and shake and have some fun time.

The shoe is probably my most fun toy, (although I love my puppy). The shoe or sometimes-called sneaker is a squeaker. Donna, one of my parents, will squeak the shoe and throw it, but Shirley, my other parent will just tolerate my wishes and throw it with the hope it lands quietly. I of course hold on with my teeth as long as it does squeak.

When I get tired I just take one of my toys, I jump up onto my chair and we both get a little rest before we begin again.

The above-mentioned toys are called in-house toys. They do not get outside into the yard. If I have gotten away with sneaking one out and it is sighted, in the house it comes.

For outdoors I currently have two playthings. One is an orange rubber dumbbell that I got last year, at yet another yard sale. This is fun to chase around the yard as it gets thrown between the trees and plants. Sometimes I have to get into the shrubbery to pull the dumbbell out and this is good exercise also.

The tennis ball was just in the house and so it became my second out-door entertainment. This also gets thrown around the yard, winter, spring, summer and fall. It is also a fun toy to pursue as it bounces from place to place.

You can see that along with my various walks I continue my exercise at home. I feel that I am helping to keep my parents in shape. The exercise is good for all of us as we enjoy the toss and chase of various toys.

Hasta luego (so long)
Veale el mes proximo (see you next month)

July 7,2006

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