Random Thoughts


by Frank Callahan

I have two hats. One, a large-brimmed straw, the other a smaller white sailing cap. Both belonged to my wife Sarah. They hang on a wall in my home. Why, one might ask, would I keep these. The answer of course is memories. Pleasant memories of years ago.

Sailing around Acapulco Bay her hat blew off but, fortunately, it landed in the boat. Balmy and pleasant days. The larger straw wide-brimmed hat was always firmly perched on her head on land. A constant appendage all summer long at any seaside resort.

I still see these two items not as hats, rather as memories captured. Just like a photograph, but different. After all, a piece of apparel will deteriorate with passing time. Memories on the other hand may fade but in their fading will leave nostalgia.

May 5, 2006

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