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September 11, 2001

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Jim Driscoll, charter member of the "SilverStringers" and long-time Melrose activist, was selected "Citizen of the Year" by the Melrose Chamber of Commerce. In the citation it was noted that Driscoll served as principal fund raiser for the Melrose YMCA, Chamber of Commerce and the Milano Senior Center. He is a veteran of World War II and a pilot of a landing craft tank in the Italy-France area. He is a father of six children and 11 grandchildren.


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Published the first Friday of each month by the SilverStringers of Melrose, Massachusetts -- April 7, 2006

Planning session for the SilverStringers' Open House on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 11-12, included (left to right, front row) Kay McCarte, Natalie Thomson, Irving Smolens, Jackie Wattenberg, Ella Letterie, Len Dalton, and Donna Campbell -- with Casa on her lap; rear, Jack Beckley, Marie Salamanca, Lorry Norris, Russ Priestley, John Averell, Jim Driscoll, Shirley Rabb, and Don Norris.

Publisher for this issue is Russ Priestley

SilverStringers host open house
by Don Norris
... Looking for a few good writers

Bunnies, chickies, chocolate eggs just don't make it
by Ann Robbins Talbot
... why Easter is special to me

Melrosians hit the beach in Nokomis
provided by Marie Wood
... party time once again in Florida

Tax text writers
by Russ Priestley
... pleez speaka da English

At sea with the Naval Reserve
by Len Dalton
... training back in the forties

Polymnia's stirring Mozart concert
by Jackie Wattenberg
... celebrating the 250th anniversary of Mozart's birth

Canine capers by Casa
by Casa
... visiting the reservation

Memories of Melrose between the Wars
by Harold Porter
... the demise of trolley cars

Readers' showcase, a photo essay
from our Mirror reflections
... not exactly soup to nuts, but close

Sixth graders ... write on!
from some SilverStringers
... we seen our duty and we dun it

Life on the bounding main
by Jerry Norton
... tourist style

Stumbling on happiness in The Mirror
from Bill Girolamo of Melrose
... and a lovely poem to one's father

Letters, letters, and more letters
from our Mirror readers
... our readers want to share ...

Schuller enthralls MSO audience
by Jackie Wattenberg
... another exiting cultural event for Melrose

Computer Tips: April 2006
.... The Ctrl Key tricks

From Bob Ross
... two windows side by side - Minimize open files - Go to My Computer

Carriage House Lounge Open House
Jack Beckley, director Melrose Council on Aging
... Looking Ahead, April 2006: SilverStringers Special Invitation


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Kangaroo Troop by Marjorie Burgess, the Melrose Mirror theme song.
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