It was a nightmare

... I felt like Noah

by Ella Letterie

The rain started on a Tuesday and continued for one solid week. Showers and then heavy downpours. Here in Melrose, Ma. Ell Pond overflowed, the Lynn Fells Parkway was flooded, the elderly had to be evacuated from one home and almost every home in Melrose had water in the cellar.

On Sunday, I was at my sonís home and a guest needed a pump to clear the water from his cellar. I told him that I had one he could use. In order to get home, I had to detour all over Melrose because of the roads being flooded. When I finally got home, he and I went down to my cellar for the pump and I discovered that my own home was loaded with rain water.

The laundry room has a cement floor, but the family room and bathroom has carpet. All was soaked! I had to use a vacuum to suck up the water and figured that I had over 800 gallons to dispose. I put on the de-humidifier and put the heat on in order to dry the moisture. The cement floor is dry now, but the carpet will take longer.

It was a nightmare.

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