Update on new Middle School construction

... Storm is over, progress is in order

from the SilverStringers

The photo shows the new middle school classroom wing (left) and the new auditorium on the right. The foundation for the main building, visable toward the front, is progressing and steel work should begin fairly soon. A new gymnasium for middle school students is located behind the wing.

New construction laws require fireproofing of stuctural steel.

That's the new foundation -- which is seven feet above that of the old, 1933 version of Melrose High. At the right will be the auditorium; at the left is a classroom wing.

A couple of handsome construction dudes. The one at the left took his hardhat off to have his picture taken.

Muddy after the disastrous May rains, but the slab still had four feet clearance over the flooding waters of Ell Pond.

At the left is the architect's mock-up to show what the new brick facade will look like. At the right is the rear wall of the new middle school gymnasium. There are something like three more layers of insultation and waterproofing to go up before the brick veneer is applied.

Tim Willis of North Andover is the city's man on the job, the clerk of the works. The photo is from the stage area of the new auditorium, looking south. At the right is the new classroom wing, adjacent to the athletic field. The new stage is designed to be state-of-the-art.

Construction scenes in the new middle school gymnasium.

The new classroom wing. These photos were taken in late May, after the end of the powerful rain storms. We went back to update the series in late June, but there was little visable change.

The project on June 15 2006: The new middle school gymnasium is at the left; to its right is the new classroom wing and the auditorium (behind the wing in this view). The main school building will be at the right, facing Lynn Fells Parkway, where the old 1933 school once stood; the foundation has been poured, but steel erection has not yet begun. In the background is a partial view of the brick facade of the high school.


On the crane crew, there are two men on the ground, loading the crane ...

... and there are two men up top, receiving the huge steel I-beams, and fastening them in place.

... There is also one man with the plan -- the guy who tells the loaders which piece goes next. Note the identification on the steel beam. This project is much like a tinker toy set, or lincoln logs; every piece is unique.

And the key guy in this tinkertoy game is the crane operator, whose bright new, shinny crane cost about 1.25 million. It appears the operator has to have a feather touch.

Front view, as of July 1, 2006. To be continued ...

July 7, 2006

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