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I love commercials

... most of them

by Russ Priestley

Radio and television commercials are a necessary evil and they are reported to be increasing at a rate of 20%. In view of those facts, one should learn to recognize the cleverness and humor involved in the creation of many of them. If you find any commercial to be boring, you can always use the mute button, or the volume control on the radio. Note the latest "buzz" words to replace, "Now for a commercial; important message; a word from our sponsor." You'll notice the use of "Coming up." Whether you are listening to radio or watching television, you can be sure a commercial will follow.

I listen to radio much more than I watch television. The main reason is with radio I can be accomplishing something else at the same time. One clever ad on the radio is that of Accounts Temporary. The employee calls in sick, again. The response from the boss is a cheery, "Don't worry, Knurlman. Bob is here and he is doing your job." To which Knurlman asks, "Bob? Who is Bob?" When the boss defines Bob, the caller says, "I think this thing is starting to breakup. I could be in about noon." The boss replies, "Don't worry. Bob and I are doing just fine."

Conversely, another frequent radio ad sends me lunging for the volume control. This one involves the son of an automobile dealer who took over when his father passed on to that dealership in the sky. With his shouting the message, just like old Dad and, among other claims, says he is the second largest * * * * * dealer on the planet. I wonder if he has verified who is first?  His ad is a pain in the...ah.. ear.

When viewing the ad for a certain sleekly designed sports car, you'll notice they are not in a drab showroom with a salesman pointing out the sales features. No, the scheme is to film this car from an aircraft. The car speeds along a straight-as-an-arrow highway, with perhaps one gently undulating curve to show the side view. Strangely, there is not a person, animal, other car, or even any vegetation to spoil the filming of what they want you to see. Do you suppose they "arranged" with the State Police for this ideal situation?

My present favorite is the radio ad for YoCrunch Yogurt. A teen age girl phones in to a company representative to ask, "You claim your yogurt is like smooth and like crunchy. How can it be like both?" The company rep replies, "Now see if you can follow me on this. The yogurt is like smooth, right? And when you like add the crunchy portion and like mix them together, you get like smooth and crunchy. Right?"

There was a slight pause of silence before the young girl replied, "Oh, my gawd! You mean you're supposed to like mix them together?"

July 7, 2006

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