Oh say, can you see?

by Russ Priestley

 Are you able to recall
 the greatest highway of them all?
 'twas referred to as U.S. 93,
 or, to some, the elevated artery.

 Built when no one could foresee
 the amount of traffic there would be.
 Then some brilliant minds revolved
 and said they had the problem solved.

 As any simple mind could see,
 a tunnel for overloaded 93,
 below the level of the sea.
 That's the answer, obviously.

 One solon realized the cost with pity,
 saying, "It'll cost less to raise the city".

 After years of work and many billions spent
 left the question .. where the money went?
 Were those involved dishonest or not smart?
 The tunnel continues to leak and fall apart.

 We can't return to elevated 93
 because it was razed, you see.
 If tunnel travel makes you nervous,
 just go around or find other service.

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