Stringer goes ballooning in Vermont

... our second "photo of the month"

Photo by Editor Louise Fennell

Editor's comments: Louise Fennell is a natural with a camera. Any camera. Snap shooter, Pentax SLR, or her well-worn Nikon 950 digital. She has an eye for a scene, to mark off in her mind what's good within the viewer, to select form, values, color and implied motion. Perhaps that's why she is the leader of the Stringer photo team. Even at our age, she can be found climbing over the rocks at Annisquam, treking through a forest or swamp, climbing Mount Hood Tower at dawn, or setting a scene from the middle of Joy Street in Boston -- there isn't much she won't do for that "wow" picture. Actually her Front Page picture for this issue was supposed to go here, in the "Picture of the Month" story, but Publisher Russ Priestley commandeered it for page one; instead we use her dramatic photo at a Vermont hot air balloon event, where the size of the huge, colorful balloons is emphasized by a brief reference to miniscule humans, at the very bottom.

Louise's photo is the second in the new series on "Picture of the Month", and the Stringers invite our reading public to participate. We urge folks to email their favorite photo for publication in the Mirror -- nothing is guaranteed, but then, it's too early to go about setting up rules and procedures. Mail in your entry to melrose@media.mit.edu, and we'll see what we can make of this project. At this point there is no prize, nor any money involved; we are all volunteers. It's nice to see one's work published.  

To view the first of the photo series, click here.

August 4, 2006

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