Canine capers by Casa - August 2006

... just the beginning

by Casa

I have to tell you about this wonderful trip I was just on. (Well, I went with my two parents and their friend.)

They drove over 7000 miles to a place called Montana, and what a ride it was.

I sat comfortably on two pillows between the two front seats. My view was magnificent as we moved along the highways and byways of the trip.  

I am not sure I can remember the exact locations but I will tell you some of the things I saw and did.

The first stop was in a state called Pennsylvania. We stayed at a nice motel and the next day I got a chance to walk along with the humans at a peaceful park with buildings, beautiful lawns and sweet smelling grasses. We walked around for about an hour just looking at stuff. I, of course, was sniffing the bushes and trees, and wonderful flowers. We also drove a bit to see what is called “a waterfall”. The noise of the water was loud as the water came rushing over a hill and down into a pond.

The next day was nice when I was able to go with everyone on a boat ride underground. Penn Caves it is called, and this was quite an experience for me to be in a boat underground. It was dark part of the way as the driver of the boat kept putting lights on the hanging rock formations. After about a human hour we were on the road again.

The weather was nice and we got out to eat at various rest stops along the way. My parents had a cooler in the car and I had my regular food but I also got real food and treats. It was nice to sit on the grass just looking around at the birds and butterflies while I had a bit of chicken and my dry food.

Sometimes I had to stay in the car when they went to a real restaurant but they always had some leftovers for me too. With the windows open and the air just fine I could sit on my pillows and watch all the other humans coming and going.

We drove around a town named Punxsutawney where there were all these statues of groundhogs. Different colors and forms like firemen, policemen and chefs where all over the place. There were many others that I could see from the car as the humans got out to take pictures at every corner.

A nice walk near the Wabash River and lunch at a picnic table was part of one of the days.

When they went into this old court house museum they parked the car under a lovely shade tree and I waited for them. I also had to stay in the car when they went to see the college where President Reagan went to school.

I had plenty of water to drink when they came out from their visits indoors and usually a small treat as well.  So you can see I really didn’t mind waiting for them.

One of the stops was in a place called Macomb, Illinois. There were numerous barns to see and photographs to take, and I was able to get in and out of the car as my parents did. They said something about the condition of the older barns and how sad it will be when they are no longer around.

I remember something about a Goodyear Rubber tour (which I could not see) and the Carousel Park, (which I did see).

So far it has been grand but I need to rest. Every motel had room for me and I just stretched out and got my shuteye as needed.

There will be more to tell in the next few months. I just cannot remember it all at once. Bear with me and picture me in the front seat, on two pillows just enjoying the view.

Hasta luego (so long)
Veale el mes proximo ( see you next month)

August 4, 2006

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