Random Thoughts

Life has a way

... and now the laugh is on us

by Dorothy O'Connor

When my sister and I were in our early teens we lived on Success Street in Berlin, New Hampshire. Since the houses across the street were built on a hill, every house had one or two flights of stairs leading up to it.  Looking out the window, we teenagers snickered as we watched an older woman across the street laboriously climbing to her house. Although we couldn’t hear her, I imagine she grunted as she accomplished each step. It struck us as quite hilarious.  

Over six decades have gone by. Now it is we who climb stairs painstakingly, not at all gracefully, and, yes, we grunt at each one. A few months ago when we were reminiscing about our childhoods, Jackie and I confessed that each of us has mentally apologized to the unknown woman, long gone from this world. Life has taught us that sooner or later we get to walk in other people’s shoes.  

Gone is the arrogance and cruelty of youth. Instead, we have compassion for our fellow human beings. The last laugh is on us.  

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