Canine capers by Casa-September2006

... the continuing trip

by Casa

I would like to  pick up on my travel story now. If you did not read last monthís article click here.

In the state of Illinois we stopped to ask directions to a park with a glass elevator. I wondered about going up in this elevator on the side of a tall building. It was a strange sensation being able to see outside as we went up and up to a place where we could look out over the city with itís pretty trees, houses and the river far below us.

When we got to the next state of Iowa I sat in the car a while as everyone else went inside a building that had information about a Lewis and Clark trip. I did get to walk around after their visit and there was a large statue of Mr. Lewis and Mr. Clark with a wonderful dog. I am sure their dog helped them to find their way home from wherever it was that they went. There were picnic tables in the area and we all had our lunch in the shade by the river. I ate and snapped at the bugs that were getting too close to my dish. The next drive was to see the monument for Sergeant Floyd. I heard everyone talking about how he was the only fatality of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. I wonder if he was along for the trip that the big black dog led.

The next place I remember not being able to go into was a lovely area with trees, flowers and the largest statues I have ever seen. This place was called Trinity Heights. It was too warm for me to stay in the car so I stayed out with one of my parents while everyone else went inside the building. After we took a short walk around the area there was a great shade tree for me to rest under. I donít understand why they will not allow me into these buildings; I certainly would not touch anything.

Later there was the grave of the great Indian chief War Eagle that we visited. That was in a nice area where I could walk around, and I enjoyed the time out of the car. Stone State Park was a lovely area which we all enjoyed as we drove slowly around the area and we were able to get out and walk around also.

It seems I missed telling you about all the great motels we stayed at. There were special rooms for dogs so it was nice to know I was responsible for all the good night sleeps we all had.  Other dogs were also visiting some of the same areas so I got to meet dogs from Canada, Missouri, and Arizona at various times. We talked about our trip and our human companions, and it was nice to chat with a four-legged friend for a change.

I really donít remember stopping anyplace in the state of Nebraska but my parents said we would see some things here on the way back home.

So far I have been on a huge elevator, seen the grave of a great Indian Chief, and Statues that were as tall as some buildings. I got to wet my feet on the banks of the Wabash and I have walked along some of the same path that the Lewis and Clarke big black dog walked. I have seen the water rushing over rocks and heard my parents call this place a waterfall. I have had some great food to eat and wonderful places to sleep. Shade trees to rest under and grass and bushes to sniff. I have been having a great experience, and I know there is more to come.

I hear that we are getting to the biggest part of our trip in a state called South Dakota. I am excited to tell you all about it next month, so check out the Mirror in October.

Hasta luego (so long)
Veale el mes proximo (see you next month)

September 1, 2006

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