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Nice job, Natalie ...

July 17, 2006
To Natalie Thompson:

Found your story on my father, Ted Berger. You caught him well. Nice job.
Harlan Berger

Editors' note: Nat wrote the story "Ted Berger -- 100 years young" for our February, 2006, issue. It can be reached by clicking this link.


A pat on Dorothy's back ...

July 8, 2006
Dear Sringers:

Thanks so much for your the GREAT article about the April 27 Shape Note singing; it does my heart a world of good that both Don and Dorothy really heard the music for what it is. I am in a terrible rush right this minute but when I am not I'll write a proper letter to the Melrose Mirror thanking you both properly and publicly. (And I'll answer Dorothy's question about whether a "leader" is a "conductor ..."

I don't have an email address for Dorothy; would you forward this if you have one, please?

Thanks again for a super article. And the photos were great!


Victoria Bolles, president of the Melrose Historical Society

Response from the editors:

Dorothy O'Connor and Don Norris collaborated on the story. We just couldn't wait for Victoria to write a formal letter, so we went with what we had. Thank you, Victoria, for those kind words.

If you are interested in really deep American folk music, read "Eighteenth century soul singers rock GAR Hall", by clicking on this link.


... from a four-year-old Mirror story ...

As I was searching the net for info on Maine soda fountains, I found your site. You will be upset to know that a lot has changed, but the good news is there are new memories for you.

Miss Plum's Ice cream shop is gone, as is the soda fountain in Camden.

However, the trains you saw have all been restored and now run from Brunswick to Rockland in complete 1950's fashion.

But, the best part is that Goodnow's pharmacy is now just a stone's throw from the train station, and I just finished a complete restoration of the original soda fountain.

Come back up, via train and have an egg cream on me.

nate greenleaf
washington, maine

with an answer from author Don Norris:

My heavens, I wrote that story about a 27-hour vacation my wife and I took to Rockland and Camden, Maine, some four years ago. The story didn't win an award, but it surely earned us a few friends down Maine.

Thank you, Nate.

Editor Don Norris.

A link to that story is here.


Uh oh, that beer wagon is back ...

From: Larry & Karen
To: melrose@media.mit.edu
Sent: Thursday, July 06, 2006 6:53 PM
Subject: cast iron beer wagon

I just purchased a wagon like the one on your site, was wondering if anyone contacted you guys on the value of this piece.

Was looking for info. on same object cast iron beer wagon from HIGHLANDER HOUSE.
Could you help me out.

thank you:
lkk@nktelco.net larry k.

... and says Don Norris ...

Larry: Over the years we've had several queries on those cast iron beer wagons. They were imported from Japan in the 1960s (as I remember) by two Melrose men, who sold them for thirty bucks (as I recall). The gambit was a part-time thing and didn't last too long. The going value of your beer wagon is just what you paid for it. As far as we know, they are more of a curiousity than a collectible. The Highlander House sticker identifies it as a non-antique from Melrose, Mass.

Don Norris, an editor for the Melrose Mirror.


... a case of misplaced identity ...

From:    Bootscoot665@aol.com  
Date:    Sat, 8 Jul 2006        
Subject: Fwd: Melrose Weekly news       
To:    melrose@media.mit.edu    

Date:    Sat, 8 Jul 2006 11:58:28 -0700 (PDT)       
From:    "Mary Belmonte"        
Subject:    Melrose Weekly news       
To:    melrose@media.mit.edu    

I would like the Melrose Weekly news delivered to my house in Melrose. 207 Beech Avenue, Melrose, MA 02176 - Belmonte Residence. Thank you. Mrs. Belmonte

     "Mary Belmonte"        

... to which Editor Russ Priestley says ...

Mary, Mary ... to the contrary. You have confused our MONTHLY INTERNET journal with the WEEKLY tabloid newspaper. We are the authors of a publication produced by seniors, under the tutelage of MIT (as in the URL or address you used to reach us).

Since it is obvious you use the internet, try melroseweeklynews@rcn.com for your request. You could use your two line message. Just highlight, copy and paste into your new message. You may receive the next issue of Friday, July 14.

Russ Priestley, one of the editors (of the Melrose Mirror).
To whom it may concern,

I would like to thank Ms. Carol Nelson for all of her funny, inspiring from the heart stories, poetry and random thoughts.

Keep it up, we love the stuff.

Your fans at ABC
Amy Tague
Administrative Assistant
Associated Builders and Contractors
Burlington, MA

... and Editor Don Norris responds:


Lost lady from Nashua ...

My name Patricia Anne Powers Peddle lived in Melrose since 6th grade graduating Melrose High in 1950 along with my sister Priscilla Simm whose husband Brian passed away little over a year ago and all who knew him still miss him very much ---- I have 2 other sisters Carolyn Lindstrom and Janice Humphrey ---- We lived at 121 Laurel Street for many years and have memories of the enjoyment we found living in this wonderful town ---- I married John Peddle of Maplewood Malden MA in 1954 and recently celebrated our 53rd wedding anniversary up here in fabulous Nashua, New Hampshire where we have lived for past 16 yrs ---- Lived in Massachusetts till our move up to New Hampshire ----- Have 2 married daughters Linda in Florida also Barbara in Indiana ----- Would like to hear from any other 1950 Melrose High School graduates -----my email is patriciapeddle@msn.net Hope to be lucky enough to find this page again if anyone would like to respond to this message

Tricia Peddle

... and Editor Russ Priestley responds:

You've reached the right place and you can do it again by using the website address below. When he sees your letter, Don Norris will write because he was a very close friend of Brian and Priscilla Simm. I was MHS '40. I think Don was '49, so I'm too ancient to substitute for Don.

We have had a lot of trouble with our address because people are using it to flood us with spam and viruses. If you should not hear from Don, I'll put a bug in his ear ... or better still I'll send him a copy of this letter. To see and read our internet publication use http://melrosemirror@media.mit.edu and enjoy.

Russ Priestley, one of the editors
Hi Pat -- Russ said it all. Don.            

Len Dalton, where are ya?

To Whom it may concern:

I've just read a piece "Huckleberry Finn, Where are Ya?" and wish to  
contact its author who is, I believe, Len Dalton.  My father and his  
family had a summer place at Sebim Beach in the 1920's and 1930's and  
connections in common with those contained in the article. I thought  
the author might be interested in that connection.

I receive an "error" message when I click on "Len Dalton" on your  
website, and so wonder if you could help me with this.

Thanks for any advice you may be able to give me.

Linda E.



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