Stringers find Childe Hassam's Acorn Street

... recording history once and again

from the SilverStringers

When Childe Hassam -- noted American impressionist, 1859-1935 -- painted this cobbled scene of Acorn Street in 1919, he wanted to place emphasis on our American flag. Eighty-four years later the SilverStringers chanced upon the same scene; little had changed, except the number of stars in the flag and the addition of a modern car. The Stringers' visit happened on a day-long photographing session of Beacon Hill. The original Hassam painting can be seen in the American Impressionists' gallery at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

photo from the SilverStringers' files.     

From the Massachusetts State House in Boston (24 Beacon St), walk west to the first right on Joy Street. Turn right, enjoying the old brownstone homes, and go a long block to Mount Vernon Street. Turn left, and mosey down the hill to Louisburg Square, and turn left. Acorn Street is a short distance on your right. You can't miss those three-century old cobblestones.

September 1, 2006

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