Portsmouth harbor at sunset

... Photo of the month for November, 2006

by Don Norris

It was a warm, late-summer evening, and the sun lay flat against the horizon. The Stringer photo team had been down to Maine, picknicking, doing some lake swimming that day, half-heartedly committed to photography.

It was on the way home that evening we decided to visit in Kittery, on the coast, in the picturesque harbor that is half Maine, half New Hampshire. Portsmouth and Newcastle were just across the bay, and the Naval Base was just around a couple of bends.

Included in the group were Shirley Rabb, Donna Campbell, Louise Fennell, Natalie Thomson, Lorry and Don Norris. As I recall, most of the group wanted to get home, so they left in Shirley's car. Which left Louise, Lorry and Don at the harbor, watching the sun go down.

Suddenly the light changed, the shadows grew long, and the rippled reflections of the boats turned the harbor into dancing highlights. The whole scene was painted in a subtle dark blue, trimmed with sparkling flashes of gold. I shot some 56 frames in the next half hour, and Louise, who is a little more careful in her selection, shot a couple of dozen. Several of our scenes were duplicated.

The camera used for this shot was a Nikon Coolpix 5700, shutter speed was 1/656th at F/6. The whole shot was on auto -- white balance, shutter speed, sensitivity, all on auto. The site was the wharf behind Simeon's Restaurant in Kittery Point.

November 3, 2006

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