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The Dalton Genealogical Society

... I find out who/what I am

by Leonard B. Dalton

A few years ago I was made aware of the  existence of  the Dalton Genealogical Society. Being a Dalton, it seemed appropriate that I become a member to explore whatever information about my ancestors as was possible.

My grandfather Dalton came to the United States from Great Britain and his place of birth was registered as The Isle of Wight off the south coast of England but; he was Irish! How do I know that you ask?  I submitted my own DNA to the National Geographic Genographic Program and it came back to inform me that I was 95 percent Irish!  There was a collision here! My Mom was brought up in Maine by old time State of Mainers who were mentally conditioned to be hostile to the Irish and to the Catholic Church. Apparently she had no idea that my fatherís father was entirely Irish disguised as English. He made a go of the deception and rose to the presidency of a Boston bank. He was a great and very popular man. Now, I have long since been confirmed in the Catholic Church and have become an Irish Catholic. We Irish really had my olí Mom buffaloed!

Over the week-end of 7 October, 2006, the Daltons from around the world gathered at Hampton, New Hampshire for good cheer and knowledge. I have an extremely close DNA match with two lovely Australian ladies, both of whom were in attendance. Why, upon being introduced I gave each a big hug and somehow it felt like I was hugging myself! The gathering was a genuine treat.

November 3, 2006

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