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English, as a second language

... the present-day invaders

by Russ Priestley

The TV bill received this month has forced me to expound on a bothersome situation. Many people choose to ignore the invasion of illegal aliens. No, they are not coming from other planets. Most are entering across our Southwestern border. Many are with child, meaning that, in the E.R. of a hospital in the U.S., at birth the child is automatically a U.S. citizen. The parents speak only Spanish. That means we'll have another citizen who can't speak English. Los Angeles County is now 60% Spanish speaking.

Back to the Comcast bill notifying me, "Important announcement: Effective 8/8" (nine weeks ago! of October 10. How important can that be? Maybe they are breaking the news gently, lately). The copy continues, "we are very pleased to announce the addition of Galavision, the #1 rated Spanish cable network and NDTV, the best Dominican Channel, to our Hispanic Package." Comcast continues to cater to the people who won't speak English, whom we should now call "that market." These additions will have no effect on me. I have Basic Service, but with that, I get three Spanish channels. To me, a waste, Si?

Our Democratic (let me reword that) ... The person running in the gubernatorial race as a Democrat will allow drivers' licenses for illegal aliens. It was reported that one such alien had his driver's license taken away because of a violation. No problem ... he had five more in his possession. Promise anything to gain those votes, but avoid mentioning there will be higher taxes across the board.

Even more aggravating is how the politicians in Washington are making new laws to cater to these foreigners. This is a boldfaced effort to garner votes. (No Mabel, Garner is not running again. he died in 1967). Although the Spanish invasion is most prevalent, it is joined by an influx of Asians and Africans because they are supported by Affirmative Action (racial privilege). Reportedly, any illegal alien who has neglected to pay income taxes for five years will be able to pay $2,000 to clear his debt. How do you like those bananas? Who is stupid enough to think that will cause these deadbeats to join us ... we pay-or-else taxpayers?

Many immigrants, such as our ancestors, would come to this country, fall on their knees to kiss the ground, then get in line on Ellis Island to register. Their first trip was not to the Welfare Office. Many would Americanize their names to fit in with our society. Although most tended to settle in enclaves with neighbors of similar background, they were not reticent to join our culture and honor our flag, not that of the country they had left. They served proudly in several wars as Americans, not some hyphenated version.

How about ESL? If these people wish to share in the bounties of the U.S., they should make English their first and only language. (This does not seem too much to ask). And that is what Teddy Roosevelt, our 26th President, stated back in 1904.

Update added October 20: A Mexican citizen and multiple drug offender was caught at the border with 743 pounds of marijuana worth over one million dollars. When he attempted to run, a border patrol man shot him in the buttocks. Now that criminal is attempting to sue the border patrol for $5,000,000. In addition, two men of the border patrol are threatened with being sentenced to 11 and 10 years in prison. Okay, Dubya, whatinhell is the duty of the border patrol? You are leaving the border wide open for incoming cheap labor. Under your stupid rules, a man hired to protect the border (Yes, that is what border patrol means), is commanded to get permission from his superior before he can shoot at an illegal invader. That is almost as brilliant as explaining daily why our troops should remain in Iraq.

November 3, 2006

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