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More insight on the sinking of the Indianapolis

from Dave Ramsey

Editors note: Jerry Norton is a graduate of the Melrose High School class of 1942, a World War II veteran and loyal contributor to the Melrose Mirror. In the July 2006 edition, he commented on the loss of the cruiser Indianapolis on July 30, 1945 and the sad saga of its captain's life. The "Indianapolis" and a shipboard visit.

The following is a reply from Dave Ramsay, also a member of the same high school class, who was in the general area at the time the cruiser was sunk.

Hi Jerry,

Greetings from sunny Florida. It's finally cooling down a bit
which is making Pat a lot happier. How are you folks doing
on the other end of our great country?

The purpose of this e-mail is to commend you on the various
articles you have authored in the Melrose Mirror. As a signalman
in the Navy Armed Guard I'm sure you saw your share of heavy
weather in the North Atlantic. I have wished to be anywhere else
while riding out some of those winter gales east of Boston.

Your recent story about the Indianapolis reminded me that the
LST I stood radio watches on for two years was bound from Leyte
in the Philippines to Hollandia, New Guinea. It just so happened
that we steamed out of the same area that the Indy was headed into
when she was torpedoed by the Japanese. We knew nothing about
the sinking until we arrived at Hollandia several days later. Our
quartermasters checked back in our ships logs and determined that
we must have been quite close on the night of July 30, 1945 Had
we only known we probably could have saved a great many of
those lost at sea that day. I happen to have the ships logs for old
LST 767 from the day she was commissioned at the Navy Base at
Algiers, across the river from New Orleans through June 30th, but
not any beyond that so I couldn't confirm our official position and
be sure our guys in the chart room were correct.

I just thought you might like to know one of your high school and
Roosevelt School classmates was enjoying the blue Pacific at the
same time you were out there.  


Hope you and your bride are doing well. Please tell Kathleen that
Pat says, Hi.

Regards to you both,

Dave Ramsay

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