Melrose memories

... in limerick

by Jerry Norton

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In my home town just north of Boston
Where as a young lad I got lost in.
From Franklin Square one day
I couldn't find my way
And learned that life's not all frostin'.

Now the old Melrose High I attended
Was built on a swamp less than splendid.
The circular walk of that day
Sat on ground that fell away
And why, I never comprehended.

An old wooden schoolhouse back when
Where I learned to count beyond ten.
The Whittier school was its name
And you know it's really a shame
That I can't visit that building again.

In the Highlands atop Cedar Rock
As kids one day we did flock.
As we looked up at the sky
Saw the Hindenburg fly by
But in Lakehurst it failed to dock.

When a boy at Roosevelt Junior High  
Numerals on its wall caught my eye.
They were MCMXXIV, Roman you see
And that meant much to me
Cause that year I gave my first cry.

Around Melrose so many years ago
Were two similar names you may know.
By one you'd be insured
With the other, interred.
Careful to which one you said hello.

There is a pretty old pond named Ell
Through its ice I unfortunately fell.
It was mighty cold that day
But to home I made my way
And was way too embarrassed to tell.

On Main Street stood the old A&P
Where I worked part time you see.
To enhance each sale
I put my thumb on the scale,
But this is between you and me.

December 1, 2006

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