Random Thoughts

Infinite space?

... cerebral calisthenics in space physics

by Len Dalton

On the Science channel I watched a physics program about Steven Hawking and the development of his theories pertaining to space physics and black holes in particular. The "Big Bang" theory has been known for many years and it brought a kind of reconciliation to many for the history of time and the Universe. I understood it, but the very concept of infinite space/distance/time was always too much for my little mind to swallow. Pretend that one day, as predicted, all the known matter in what we know as the Universe has fallen back to a giant ball billions of light years away from where we now stand and you turn your back to that ball of matter and make your mind acknowledge that space goes on and on with no end. Human mental capacities have a problem with that. We all think of everything with a beginning and an end. Now, if space goes on with no end, why can't there be duplications of our own universe? In fact, why can there not be dozens or even thousands of duplications? That is the extent to which I can comprehend infinity in space. I have asked that question for years and today is the very first time it has been suggested by Steven Hawking. It was a revelation and I felt very proud to have brought it to my own mind. No Alzheimer's here, pal!

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