Ann Robbins Talbot

An unknown signal said Change
and change they did
from chlorophyl green
to the red and yellow
they were meant to be

They hung in splendor
shining in the autumn sun
even bright on cloudy days
admired by passers by
til another signal said Drop

Each rocking gently
to its chosen rhythm
they drifted downward
changing to crunchy brown
blowing in the cooling breeze

All tumbled to the lawn
all but one
clinging tenaciously
persistent, obstinate
fighting in the face of fate

Week after weary week
it clutched its tiny twig
not yielding to the wind
ignoring the showers
refusing to follow the crowd

Did that lonely leaf
teach a lesson in self will
stand firm, be resolute
do not yield one inch
til the last day, last hour, last moment

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