Ode to Russ Priestley

... The Attila the Hun proofreader

from Jerry Norton (or is it "by") ?

Russ Priestley, no malice implied
From you I cannot hide
You're a punctuation "guru"
That includes spelling too
And I agree your job's justified

If you had not worked for the Post
Us writers you would not roast
You know the proofreading trade
And now you've got me afraid
That you'll turn my stuff to toast

Do you sit up at night and wonder
Whose story next you will plunder
I know that you hold tenure
So it's quite impossible to endyur
You're licensed to tear us assunder

Under each piece there are "Notes"
And I wonder how many votes
You'd get from a writer
Cause you've got us up tighter
With the power your position connotes

But if you'll knock off the trivia
Then I will try to forgiveya
For I'm only a hack
So please cut me some slack
Cause I'm not Sir Laurence Olivier

And now I will end my refrain
But I know you'll be at it again
You'll put periods here and there
And commas, who knows where
But I suppose I shouldn't complain

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