Soggy in Seattle, he says

... photo essay on Jerry's Washington State

By Jerry Norton

It's a long way between Melrose and Kent, Washington, where SilverStringer Jerry Norton and wife Kathleen now live. So when we put the "Rain" photo essay together here, Jerry hadn't had time to do his bit. As a result, we're running Jerry's photos as a special, second, appended article on this month's feature -- "Rain". This is what Seattle looks like -- most of the time, from what I remember. Don Norris.

Seattle dew.

Space needle, and (at right) Rain on Lake Washington.

Downtown Seattle and (at right) scene from our deck.

Our street.

It's really coming down, and our pond overflowing.

Bright umbrellas add to the gray day.

River Ford, and in our neighborhood.

No work today.

Where's my cell phone, and Kent Street.

Jerry's favorite photo of Seattle in the rain.

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