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Letters, letters, letters.

Not bad reading -- especially when they relate to something the Stringers have published in this monthly rag. Here's the latest batch --

"Usufruct" -- from Dr. Don Morrison

Thanks for the monthly reminder to visit The Melrose Mirror. I've done so, and have enjoyed it very much.

In October I particularly like Mr. Frank's essay on growing up in Maine. He's a sensitive and articulate writer. I even learned a new word: "usufruct." I look forward to reading more from him.

I presume the photos of the construction on Grove St., et al., refer to rebuilding the sanitary sewer lines, and not storm drains. Melrose seems to be paying the price of being settled in a post-glacial wet land. Given the elevation of Ell Pond, it will be interesting to see how a second drain for its outflow can be constructed, short of a deep-rock tunnel of the sort used under down-town Malden.

I remember 60 years ago much of the undeveloped land from Heywood Avenue north into Greenwood could probably qualify as "wetland."  It was drained by a brook, but sometimes flooded after heavy rainfalls. The ground along Heywood Ave. was spongy, and as I recall, the driveways of some houses built there sank, leaving a drop between garage and drive.

Best wishes,

Donald F. Morrison, Ph.D.


Friend's have a new website

Hi Don, Congrats on your new camera!  Not a bad deal you struck, benefits all

The new Mirror looks great!

We Friends [of the Middlesex Fells] have recently unveiled a newly designed website which allows us to showcase the Fells much better: http://www.fells.org

Yesterday a member of the Friends happened to send me a wonderful photo of swans on Ell pond which he took at 6am recently. Looking at the great series of Mirror photos made me think of it. I loved the color of the  early morning light.


(Editors' note: There was, at this point, a letter from Jill Donald, graduate student at UCal, who objected to an article written by SilverStringer Len Dalton. The piece grew as email flew back and forth across the nation, and finally the editors agreed that the collection was worth it's own unique story. Readers can find that controversy in the list of headlines on page one; look for "Clovis, anyone?".

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