About our New England weather ...

... making friends with a seagull

by Don Norris

WEATHER REPORT: Here in Boston, as we sit on the very edge of the continent, we generally get our winter weather from the great plains of Canada. Snow, rain, and intemperate winds sweep through our hills and chill us to the bone. One good thing, however, is that, in a storm, one can always tell where he/she is by looking for a seagull -- actually just about any fowl-weathered bird (pun intended) -- for you'll always find them sitting there, steamlined into the wind, always into that Canada wind coming from the northwest. We can't get lost.

One would think that, since we are a mere few hundred miles from those horrendous North Atlantic storms, our New England weather would be from the east or northeast. It does happen, occasionally; we call it a "nor'easter", but in actuality it's usually a southern storm system following along the coast. When it passes Boston, and those great counter-clockwise winds batter our coastal plain -- we get the worst of it on the back side of the storm -- that is, three-digit winds coming back around from New Hampshire and Maine.

So make friends with a seagull, and you'll always know which way the wind is blowing.

And New England really is a beautiful, placid place. Visit us soon.

March 2, 2007

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