The year of Melrose's own Big Dig

... "gunk" is the acceptible word

from the SilverStringers

If you haven't been back to Melrose lately, you'll notice that there is a traffic light installed at Grove and Lebanon -- basically to avoid some horrendous crashes that happened with the advent of the V8 engine. You'll also notice that there are a lot of large yellow digging machines, working to save our small city from being drowned. It seems that either the century-old pipes are getting laden with gunk, which backs up throughout the valley whenever we have a meaningful rainstorm, or that that California-induced weather system has settled here in Melrose. One can obviously call the project the "Hundred Year Sewer Renovation" -- or perhaps the "Year the real estate taxes went out of sight". If you look at this inconvenience positively, you will appreciate the detours that provide a lovely view of our Victorian residential neighborhoods. As for the new traffic lights, only the natives know the curvy, twisty routes through suburbia to avoid the rush-hour traffic jams.

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