New camera? Take a walkabout

... Lesson 101: Shoot what you see

Photos from Rick Mockler

What do you do when you get a new digital camera? First up, read the manual, cover to cover. Memorize every menu choice. Check the buttons, the parameters, the light meter, the auto flash, auto exposure, that little wipe-out-windshield whatsit -- or, skip the manual, pick up your new toy and go shoot up the town.

Anyway, that's about the way it went for Carl "Rick" Mockler and his new prize. He did not submit any commentary with his pictures, so we will have to guess where he went and what he shot. The time is obviously fall, for we see a halloween skeleton ...

Rick wasn't at home when we called -- we assume he was off on another tour of these United States -- so he left us without copy. We know he lives on Holland Road, and he  passed Wentworth Road coming down the hill. Judging by the position of the daytime half-moon, he was walking past Russ Priestley's place on West Emerson.

His next stop was the intersection of West Emerson and Vinton, down near the Cedar Park station. The weathervanes are a bit confusing, the airliner doesn't tell us a thing, but that man and his son are definitely at Cedar Park. And the church steeple is either on the Unitarian-Universal Church at Myrtle Street -- or possibly at the First Congregational Church on West Foster.

We can't say that the straw dolls provide any clue, but it kind of looks like West Foster, just short of where the old Free Press used to be. But the fire hydrant is a dead give-away -- I remember that one vividly, it's, ah, it's right by the, ah, near the, ah. ...

Anyway, this is where Rick ran out of film. Or digits, or whatever. Nice job.

Author's note: Rick is a member of the Council on Aging in Melrose and sings in "Polymnia" -- that marvelous singing group that puts on three concerts each year.

March 2, 2007

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